Top 7 Exercises In My Double-Depletion Framework

Top 7 Exercises

Don't complicate things. Keep it simple. Here are my top 7 exercises you can follow to get started or change up your current workout program.

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The Top 7 Exercises In My Double-Depletion Framework

I keep it simple right now. Full-body workout 3 times per week. These are the 7 core exercises I do (pictured). I'll call it Workout A. My Workout B just subs these exercises out.

I generally do one movement per muscle group. 3-4 work sets each exercise if I go through the cycle once. Another variation/approach is doing 2-3 work sets and going through that cycle twice.

I hit chest, back, shoulders, biceps, triceps, hamstrings, and then full cleans to complete legs (in this Workout A instance).

The exercises I have pictured are literally the core of my "Workout A" training session. If a machine is taken, I just substitute the exercise.

Now let's dig deeper into this framework...

I hit Workout A on Monday, then hit my Workout B on Tuesday. Yep, back to back full-body workouts. "But you can't train the same muscles on consecutive days," I can hear some of you questioning.

Nonsense. But that's for another article or podcast.

So my Workout B still hits the same muscle groups, but just using a different exercise. Example: Instead of chest dips, I hit flat bench press. Instead of seated cable rows, I do lat pull-downs or chin-ups. Instead of squat cleans, I'll do machine leg extensions.

Now let's talk about reps.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, I keep the rep ranges higher, mostly at 16 reps. For barbell bench, I hit 20 reps (just because). The only other deviation is cleans. I typically do lower reps, but higher volume (10 sets of 3, 4 sets or 8, etc).

This double-depletion framework (Monday & Tuesday full body training with higher reps) is designed to deplete muscle glycogen stores for increased fat burning as well.

If actually coincides with my diet plan, but my dieting framework isn't necessary to get kick-ass results. Because it's probably the opposite of what you're doing now.

Or if you're doing nothing now or you're not consistent, you'll experience a training phase like no other.

General Breakdown:

Monday - Full body Workout A (16 rep range)

Tuesday - Full body Workout B (16 rep range)

Wednesday - Kettlebell | conditioning | cardio

Thursday - Assistance lifts | condition | cardio

Friday - Full body hybrid of Workout A & B (8 rep range)

Saturday - Powerlifts (3-5 rep range) and/or Heavy metcon

Sunday - Rest or LSD cardio (usually 5K row)

 So there's the general framework. Again, it coincides with my way of eating, but you can follow nearly any eating plan and still get benefits.

Stick to the basics, and work the basics, ruthlessly. Stay consistent.

Now if you want to amplify my double-depletion framework, here are two options. 

1. Plain and simple - take Powerhouse Greens. I formulated this greens supplement adding 5 grams or creatine monohydrate and 3 grams of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in addition to the 11 greens superfoods powders with pro and prebiotics.

I take this daily. You get your dose of greens for health, creatine for strength and other benefits, and BCAAs for recovery and more.

2. Only if you need and want step-by-step direction in how to eat (what and how much) and stay accountable to your workouts (through my training app) - you can get my complete KetoRecomp Program.

*This is for those who want a total transformation and not just "better" than you're doing now. This is actually the base program I take guys and gals on for contest prep (bodybuilding/modeling/aesthetics).

So, these two options are just that. Options to take you to the next step.

For now, you can follow the 7 exercises I've outlined. Sending the "signal" to the muscles on back to back days, then again later in the week will do wonders.

You'll need the ability to recover well to take advantage of this, so get proper sleep and nutrition. Get your mind right and supplementing with Powerhouse Greens will make your gains and experience more noticeable.

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