How Full-Body Workouts Combined With Carb-Cycling In This Particular Pattern Can Rev Up Your Body Goals

When you explain this to your friends, their jaws will drop.

I've been doing cyclical ketogenic diets (or carb-cycling if you don't quite hit keto) for years. I did it first during my bodybuilding days back in the late 90s and it worked like gangbusters back then.

And it still works today.

This particular way of eating and training is just so out of the norm, your peers will just think you're on to another fad (but they'll be wrong).

So if you're looking to lose fat and get a bit more muscular, here it is:


  • You'll perform full-body "depletion" workouts and Monday and Tuesday.

  • Perform 4 work sets per muscle group in the 16 rep range

  • [Muscle Groups] Legs, chest, back, biceps, triceps, and shoulders

  • Change up the exercises from Monday to Tuesday, but hit all the muscle groups.

  • Wednesdays are for conditioning workouts with a kettlebell and bodyweight movements

  • Thursdays can be a rest day or long, slow, distance cardio workout

  • Fridays, will also be a full-body workout, but use heavier weights and drop the reps down to 8.

  • Saturday is a strength workout. Keep it short and keep the reps at 5 or less. Pick a muscle group or exercise you want to give attention to.


  • You'll eat low-carb or keto from Sunday evening to Friday (60 grams of carbs or less daily)

  • After your Friday workout, you can triple your daily carb intake up until Sunday, where you'll start over and "cycle" through again.

Here's the magic and why this works (without getting too technical).

Your body stores carbohydrates in your muscles as "glycogen." When these glycogen stores are low (from consuming minimal amounts of carbohydrates and from weight training), fat loss is increased.

When glycogen stores are filled and kept high (from eating a lot of carbs and no weight training) fat loss decreases or stops.

So combining full-body resistance training workouts with low-carb or ketogenic eating during the week, then "resetting" during the weekend creates an environment in your body to transform your physique.

I'm now including a 2 month supply of Powerhouse Greens in my signature Cyclical Ketogenic Dieting program which walks you through and details this entire framework.

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